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Cleansing Facial Powder - Skin Brightening

Cleansing Facial Powder - Skin Brightening

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An organic cleansing product formulated with clays, coconut derived cleansers and naturally-derived fruit and botanical exfoliants that helps lighten hyperpigmentation & shrink pores. It works to gently exfoliate, remove dead skin cells, tighten skin, smooth and even skin tone, and boost the skin’s cell turnover rate and radiance.

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, Turmeric Extract Powder, Lemon Balm Extract Powder, Rose Extract Powder, Calendula Extract Powder, Pineapple Extract Powder, Camu Camu (Vitamin C) Powder, Sodium Alginate, Aloe Vera Powder, SCI (Skin safe surfactant), Rice Flour.

 Directions: Dampen face. Take 1/2 teaspoon of powder onto palm. Add a bit of water and massage onto hands to create a lather. With very light pressure, work onto face in circular motion for 30 sec. Rinse with warm water. Store in cool/dry place when not in use.             

2.3 oz/68mL